Facial detection

Detect human faces within images and videos and return face location.

Emotion detection

Locate a high-precision facial keypoints in images, such as eyes, noses, eyebrows and mouths.

Gender detection

Precisely measure facial attributes like age, gender, ethnicity, emotions detection, and many more features.

Image Captioning

Process of generating textual description from an image based on the objects and actions in the image.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is fast becoming an essential skill for modern-day organizations to gain a competitive edge. It has become the essential tool for many new business functions, from chatbots and question answering systems to sentiment analysis, compliance monitoring, and BI and analytics of unstructured and semi-structured content.

Our Natural Language Processing services cover a range of needs, from data acquisition and processing to analytics, entity extraction, fact extraction, and question answering systems.


Improve Customer Engagement

Chat Bots offer customer a convenient way to get the information they need, here by encouraging better customer engagement with brands.


Ease Of Access

Chat Bot make it easy for customers to reach you since you are on their chat applications. No need to download a new app.


Boost your Sales

Brands that use chat bots are able to gain new insights due to better customer engagement, resulting in better sales.