The biggest issue for recruiters right now is that we all have these massive networks but we haven’t really had an effective way to leverage those connections without committing a significant amount of time and resources.

This is where AptaHR, a machine learning based HR application comes into play. Recruiters can start to recognize pure data points of candidates’ contact information, their profile, their work history, etc. and be able to match those with opportunities. AptaHR does not automatically select the best candidate, instead it narrows the field of search and allows us to focus on analyzing the intangibles. From this, a stronger hire is made, leading to a greater R.O.I.

With the planned version upgrade in May 2020, AptaHR would be extending into full-fledged ATS application. AptaATS comes with additional functionalities like remote video screening interview and integrated psychometric analysis. Further it will be able to take a broader view of trends in specific industries and even specific job titles. For example, AptaATS could determine that a certain developer has been at their job for a year and a half and there is a, let’s say, 98% chance that they will leave their job in the next three months. That is a huge insight that can be determined very quickly with AptaATS. There is an enormous R.O.I. for every singular effort that the recruiter makes. Time equals money, and AptaATS will save recruiters unimaginable amounts of time.