The biggest issue for Recruiters and Hiring Managers right now is that we all have these massive networks but we haven’t really had an effective way to leverage those connections without committing a significant amount of time and resources.

This is where AptaATS, a machine learning based HR application comes into play. Recruiters and Hiring Managers can start to recognize pure data points of candidate's profile, their work history, etc. and be able to match those with opportunities.

AptaATS is an 'Artificial Intelligence' enabled application which helps recruiters and hiring managers make a better informed hire and a faster hire. Both skills and personality matter to the success of a new hire and AptaATS helps organizations achieve both.

Unlike many ATS applications, our proprietary algorithms make it possible for optimal CV screening process and in going beyond mere keyword match. Further, our "Psychometric Assessment' AI models helps recruiters and hiring managers identify how well a candidate aligns to their company values.

AptaATS empowers recruiters and hiring managers to hire the best talent and reduces the hiring time from MONTHS to DAYS.